Thursday, July 31, 2008

A hollywood replacement

Here's a list of people that I would really like more or less of in hollywood:

More of:

James Marsters - he's fun in everything that I have ever seen him in.

Zachary Quinto - one of the best reasons to watch Heroes.

Milla Jovovich kicking butt or producing another album like her first one, both of which are great.

The return of:

the sponge monkeys - personally the most successful commercial that I have ever seen. 100% of the times I have eaten at Quiznos is because of those commercials.

Less of:

John Mayer - Come on? Can this whiny, repulsive, slimy wank get hit by a car already?

The geico cavemen - we get it, enough already.

The gays - as my grandmother likes to refer to them as. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate gay people I just hate homosexuality as pop-social/fashion trend. Homosexuality isn't easy, trendy, or fun and it doesn't endow you with a superhuman talent for fashion. It isn't a political identity, point of pride or shame, or for public consumption. So tone it down folks, you're embarrassing yourselves.

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