Monday, July 28, 2008

The audacity of hope

I hate Barack Obama.

I really do.

Not because he is for petty regulation, massive government programs, and is willing to use our military to score political points. All of that is true... it's just not why I hate him.

It also has nothing to do with him being black. Don't get me wrong... it annoys me to think that our next presidents name will be Barack Obama but that just isn't why I despise him as much as I do.

The real reason is this: this country has serious problems and it really need legitimate change and a real sense of hope that comes from finding someone who is truly capable of and willing to bring that change. It can't be done alone though... change is the product of a fundamental shift in a societies values. Barack Obama isn't change... he's a symbol of nothing real.

He's a false prophet spouting empty and generic platitudes. He changes his story, his facts, his loyalties to suit the prevailing winds. He has no new ideas and no good ones. There is no ideological, social, or philosophical shift preceding his arrival. He is going to do exactly what he is meant to do... get elected and disappear.

Some people are excited for a variety of reasons but a hope for change isn't one of them unless they admit that the only change they care about is his exotic name and blackness. That's the only thing about him that prevents him from being Michael Dukakis... with less experience.

I hate Mr. Obama because of who he is. A phony. He's phony where we need integrity.  He's empty and bland where we need intellect and courage. He's pizza Wednesday at the school cafeteria - still mediocre but it looks and sounds just good enough to get you excited. He's Kennedy when we need Jefferson.

Barack Obama will likely be our next president and I can assure you of this: in twenty years he will be hailed as a great man for all of the wrong reasons. His record will be raised beyond the facts and beyond reason. He will soar on the wings of his historic time in the white house. He will be the next Kennedy.
In forty years he will still be the next Kennedy... an inexperienced senator, too young and full of fluff to be a good president but who got the job on charm and the utter lack of charisma of his opponent. Unlike Kennedy though, he will live to serve as much as two full terms and we will be able to look back upon his achievements and groan for we won't be able to idealize him anymore.  We will see exactly what he is... an empty shirt.

Of course, he's still probably better than John McCain.

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