Sunday, October 12, 2008

Capitalists of the world unite and revolt!

If only...

Why is it that generation upon generation of people yearn to revolt in the name of socialism in spite of the chaos, stagnation, poverty, and tyranny that results and no one revolts in the name of capitalism when it breeds wealth, luxury, and the best of mankind?

Why is there no generation of young people willing to revolt in the name of reason and liberty? In the name of capitalism? In the name of all that is great and just and glorious? 

I can only imagine that it is because no coherent moral vision of a capitalist revolution exists. In spite of being entirely wrong and morally repugnant, such a clear vision does exists for socialism and the power of such should be self-evident.

A compelling and inspiring vision for a just revolution exists for socialism and in spite of near a century of appalling failure, it still converts millions of young men and women seeking a cause "greater than themselves."

Capitalism is nothing more or less than mankind free and rational. It isn't exploitative, racist, or destructive. In order for mankind to flourish we must act within the boundary of our nature and it is our nature to be free. Capitalism is the political expression of mankind at its best and it is in desperate need of defenders.

Ayn Rand attempted to write a moral defense of capitalism and in that she partially succeeded but no one has followed up with a moral defense for revolution and that is what is needed now.


goooooood girl said...

So good......

Taran Jordan said...

You're really on to something here.

If only those misguided ones who think they're involved in some great cool "revolution" based on "kindness" and "hope" would realize that *true* kindness and hope can only prevail when you stop subsidizing fraud and force...and allow human creativity and ingenuity to be fully expressed and suitably rewarded.

Nice work. I'll definitely stop by here again. And btw, thanks for your recent comment over at my place.

The State said...

found a pretty clever twitter

it’s from the point of view of the state, kinda funny

thought you might enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Check out this letter I wrote to Congressman Paul on the subject:

From The Desk of A Concerned Libertarian:
Dear Congressman Ron Paul,
I am writing this letter so that we can both profit from an opputunity which can (finally) bring about Liberty. When I was skimming the Associated Press for entertaining stories about celebrities, I unfortunately heard some “bad news.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The country of Iceland is bankrupt!?!?!? My great-great grandfather was Icelandic! I immediately got in contact with my parents, who happened to be vacationing in Iceland, so I could make sure everyone was okay. Boy was I surprised when they told me, “Don’t worry about us, everything is fine over here.” Instantly Anarchy, State and Utopia by Professor Robert Nozick came to mind. It hit me: what we Libertarians need is for our government to declare bankruptcy.
Why starve the beast when you can kill it? First and foremost, no one would have to pay taxes because our currency is based off Federal Reserve Notes which are backed by government trust. We would have no choice but to return to a standard for our money! This would take time but the United States would no longer be a slave to foreign interests because they wouldn’t even want to bother us. It is a self-evident truth that Freedom and Liberty are the principles this country was founded upon. The only way to reach Nozick’s dream of an absolute free market with fair contracts is to “root out” the bad contracts. Then people can make new contracts and be free of an oppressive State. Bad contracts are created because left wing legislators in Congress think they know how to spend my inheritance.
All of us in the private sector know that it is sometimes best to declare bankruptcy and re-structure your business. It sounds hard, but we don’t have to worry because it’s just the government. How are they going to appear to be a sound business model when they are paying money to tax collectors but the Armed Forces and public law enforcement have been dissolved?
The United States needs to declare bankruptcy; just like Iceland.
I find myself in a bind. I believe that any Honest Patriotic American would say: “I care about making money as much as I care about Liberty.” However, if the United States Government went bankrupt, large private businesses and vital small businesses would suffer. Even though I know Libertarianism is the only path to true liberty, true liberty can be achieved in light of recent economic events but it may have negative consequences especially when it comes to my small business’ bottom line. I’m sure you can understand this would be a devastating blow to my family. I mean, I thought the whole point of Libertarianism was to have a goal of a free-market so that Liberty can be restored. Libertarianism is forward-looking Conservatism with a static political theory which has been backed up by reason. It gives us hope for a richer future. Congressman Paul, I want to know what is the best way to rectify my political philosophy and my business interests using conventional logic.

duncandancer said...

Great post, and I totally agree! In terms of capitalists coming together to unite and revolt, you MUST check out FreedomFest, the largest gathering of free minds to discuss liberty. It's this year in Las Vegas, July 9-11, I think. You can read all about it at It looks like an amazing conference, and a place where the seeds of revolution can truly begin!

ed said...

The reason why their is no Capitalism revolt is because most people will fight hard to have someone else do the work for them.
Visit my other thoughts-

Larry said...

I think that the reason we don't have a capitalist, libertarian revolution very often is because people have to see with clarity their oppression and freedom. The problem with us rational folks is too often we see the risks of revolution and instability and weigh those risk while the communists and socialist thrive on reasonless emotion. They claim rights they do not have and invoke powers they do not posses. We as rational liberals (in the classical not modern sense) are not often will to rise to fight and risk if their is another option. It culminated in the late 1700s. There where enough well educated wealthy people who where willing to lay it on the line for liberty because they saw freedom they understood their rights and power but it is a much harder pitch to pitch intelligent and rational folks on a revolution if it is not the ultimate last resort. Sadly in waiting for proof that it is the last resort we often loose our strategic advantage... we need a cure.. We need more people like Jefferson who applaud the rebellion right or wrong because it awakens everyone to the necessity to be ever vigilant.

Liberty is hard. It is not a hand out. Offer a good paying job that requires a lot of hard work with just compensation and your line will be short... sell tickets for a lottery with a high enough payout and people will beat down your door...

Larry said...

FYI there was one justification written... The declaration of independence did a pretty fair job...:D Great Post

info said...

Peter Schiff and Rand Paul for Senate 2010 victories will help the Capitalist cause!

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Anonymous said...

I suppose that it's because people tend to associate socialism with solidarity and the sharing of goods which are seen as a positive moral values and actions; while capitalism is associated with greed and egoism which are seen as negative characteristics...

Anonymous said...

excellent article.

tarkshouse said...

Thomas' Pains/Patriot Free Press said...

Think about this now. In socialism the mjority of people are treated the same and the redistributiono wealth seems like a good intention, but we always see that everyone is not the same. The rich and powerful become supremely rich and powerful and the majority of the people are made all same so that they are easily controlled and pose no threat to the elite. In capitalism anybody has a chance to rise up and pose a threat to the elite. Infact everyone is the same more in capitalism because everyone has a chance to be anybody. Not saying that its easy but it is possible. The reason for so many people supporting socialism in the world is simple, Propaganda. Propaganda is bought and funded so it requires large amounts of money and power. The elite have the most of these and you better believe that most of the elite are going to protect their interests. By getting the world to support socialism they ensure their protection with an easily controlled people and an impossibility to rise up to their level of power in the people.

李怡君 said...

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Jethro said...

Yeah this is awesome!!

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone here actually read "Atlas Shrugged" if that is not about a capitolist revolt - as well as the fact that the motivation of capitalists inherently impedes their revolting - atleast in the Randian sense.

Beyond that what do you think is happening in the economy right now ? When government acts entrepreneurs respond - but often the response is to do less.
Economic recovery is inevitable, but the weak unstable recovery we are experiencing is a form of capitol revolt. Who here doubts that a strong vibrant economy can be acheived quickly - if government does the right things - or atleast quits doing the wrong ones.

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Alan Brooks said...

We can live more opulent lives but not decent lives. The level of alienation and criminality will always be too high.
Capitalism fails because there can be no genuine justice, while socialism fails because there can be no decency: the dislocation erodes conventional virtues; so we end up making things up as we go along-- de novo.

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paullstanley said...

Great blog! I love the conversations you are inspiring too. Thank you very much and I really enjoy reading your blog. I feature Libertarian stuff from time to time on mine. check it out here
Again thank you for all the reads on your blog, you have a new follower!